Friday, April 10, 2020

Well after much research, UWP is out. Now, the seemingly recommended graphical desktop platform is WPF over .NET Core 3.x. Supposedly, the WPF and Winforms library port to .NET Core completed in .NET Core 3.0. And apparently UWP standout features are being migrated, piece by piece, to WPF and WinForms over .NET Core 3.x. Also, .NET 4.8 is the last major Windows-only .NET Framework release. The C# 8.x programming language compiler is fully supported by .NET Core where .NET 4.8 only supported up to the C# 7.x programming language compiler.

Everything is always in flux, constantly changing. Although, I have a friend who insists on only using Win32 APIs (the 64bit version of Win32 - clear as mud?) and C++. Apparently, that's still possible... Really?

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