Thursday, February 08, 2018

My Bank's Website Can't Add!

I'm doing my income statement for my taxes and I discover I'm $12,000 off. What! So thinking it's a dumb mistake, I stay up nearly 24 hours without breaking away from my desk, not even to eat, racking my brain and scouring the numbers to see where I went wrong. It finally dawned on me to to recheck the beginning and ending balances for the year.

To get the beginning balance of 2017 for the account, I had to query a range of dates that preceded Jan 1, 2017. So I queried transactions from Nov 1, 2016 to Jan 15, 2017 (there's not much activity in this account). Then I picked the very last transaction of 2016 and called that my starting balance for 2017.

See if you can spot the problem in the attached listing of a range of transactions.

I thought my beginning balance should be $23,290.33. But wait!
the previous balance is 11,289.85. What's 11,289.85 + .48?

It's supposed to be $11,290.33, not $23,290.33.

Take a look at the attachment, you won't believe your eyes.

Anyway, after using $11,290.33 as my new beginning balance, I'm only off by $137. Much better!

Hey Bank executives, you need to stop going with the cheap bids for your online banking websites. Unbelievable.

This Bank's website is particularly bad, riddled with defects, clunky and slow. Ask me what bank it is and I might reveal it.