Thursday, August 16, 2018

My brain has been XAML'ed...

I'm starting the next major step which is to convert the VB.NET WinForms application with the 64bit Win32 DLL dependency to a 100%, modern, C#.NET, WPF application. I'm doing this to get the higher performance and capability graphics APIs. This will require me switch out the WinForms controls and layout for XAML controls and layout - two completely different implementations and methodologies. XAML is big and complicated, born mostly from having a several ways to accomplish the same result (very typical of Microsoft products).

The first hurtle is get enough competence in XAML to just understand where to start. Then after that, I have to decide whether to implement using XAML or in code behind. Blah. I know where this is going - start with naive top-down, functional design approach and refactor, refactor and refactor.

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