Monday, March 12, 2018

The Spouse is Mightier than the Sword

I have good friend who is a fellow developer, and a great one I should say, that developed a tool he uses in the course of his business as a freelance developer. From the first time he showed me the product, I told him what I thought. That is, I thought the product was too complicated for its rather simple purpose, that he used terminology that no normal user of his product would understand and that had features where the complexity of the feature outweighed the utility and usefulness of the feature. He'd laugh off my feedback.

So way down the road, close to when his tool is nearly completed (in his eyes), he has his wife give him feedback on the product. AND GUESS WHAT! She mostly had the same feedback as me!

So I had a good laugh at the fact that he took his wife's feedback over me and implemented the required radical changes! So now, when I want to change his mind about something, I'll go through his wife.

A powerful lesson for those mere mortals, like myself, when there is a need to influence a brilliant person.

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