Monday, January 29, 2018

What the heck, going ahead and learning Rails (as in Ruby on Rails)

I know or played with many JavaScript frameworks (including, jQuery, Angular 2++, Vue.JS), a little Cordova WebView targeting, CSS3 and Bootstrap, HTML5, middle-end technologies like NodeJS, PHP and .NET. Meanwhile Ruby on Rails has recouping a surge of popularity (I'm not sure why or it might be a figment of my imagination - if you know, please share). But whatever, I decided to take the next step and am now learning Rails and its companion webserver Puma. What the heck, get it over with. At first look, Rails seems to be what everybody calls a CLI implementation. And, the Ruby on Rails framework is pretty complete, having thought of and providing everything a developer needs under a single project directory structure (minus the language Ruby itself and the database server).

First thing "not" to do. Don't try to integrate MySQL server installed with XAMPP with the Ruby on Rails framework installed using Homebrew and Gems - no work'y and a huge waste of time trying to figure out how to make it work - blah.

So here I go...

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